What became of this Project

Alas, it’s already year 2012, and yet I have less than 365 photos yet on this site.

Sad to say, I didn’t complete Project 365-2011. I have a backlog of daily photos for another month or so from the last upload, then after that it’s all sporadic.

My Surgery rotation got the best of me. I guess it was partly because of the more challenging rotations coming in earlier; and because of the purist in me - even if I had a cameraphone I wanted all my photos to be taken by Canon EOS systems. Something I could write to Canon about.

To upload them now would probably feel so anti-climactic, knowing I won’t be able to upload 365 photos in the end anyway. *sigh*

Anyway, I will try to post from time to time on my main blog - http://gdgomez.tumblr.com, but right now I am more inclined to using flickr for my photos - http://flickr.com/photos/ginogomez.

Hope to see you there. :)

Q: hi gino. your pictures are so nice. I had fun browsing your tumblr site. two my my favorites are 1. the atomizer 2. in the middle of town. you really capture it best.

Thanks so much! :) God bless =)

Project 365 Day 169

San Damiano Chapel, Christ the King College, Calbayog City

We had mass here for our Grandmother’s 80th birthday :)

Project 365 Day 168

An Act of Love

Project 365 Day 167

Simple, yet functional :)

The type of calculators they allow in our exams, if any at all.

Project 365 Day 166

Examination Tools

Project 365 Day 165

G&A’s color coding wheel

Project 365 Day 163

"College of Medicine"

School days are here again..

Project 365 Day 164

Publicity Team

We had our photoshoot for the MSC today. I was a tag-along thought there was already materials so I didn’t bring as much gear. Nonetheless we were able to pull off some great shots. :)

How did we get the flash to fire? Just ask :)

Project 365 Day 162


I just think my flashdrive looks like a snake here hehe